March 18, 2019

Oliver Wood of The Wood Brothers – Episode 4

Episode 4 is here! Featuring Oliver Wood of The Wood Brothers. He chatted with us about everything from the Chupacabra, Swiss cheese, and hotel shampoo, to Area 51, his Top 5 Spotify, and ways to stay off the grid. Keep your ears peeled!


The Wood Brothers, formed in the mid-2000’s, is an American folk band consisting of brothers Chris and Oliver Wood, as well as multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix. They originally signed to Blue Note Records where they recorded their first album, Ways Not to Lose. Now for their sixth outing, the Wood Brothers took a looser approach to recording, working slowly at a number of different studios and experimenting a bit more with their formula. The resulting One Drop of Truth was released in early 2018.

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